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My White Label PPC Services are designed to be uncomplicated and discreet. You maintain the management of the clients while I take care of managing their ads with expert care and loyal attention

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What is white label PPC?

White labelling PPC means that you are using another PPC service but selling it to your clients as your own.

Not every agency has the tools or resources for purchasing expensive bidding and reporting tools needed for successful PPC services. That’s where white labelling PPC services for your clients come into play.

White labelling PPC means that you are using another PPC service provider to give your clients expert service in this area, but you are selling it as “your own”.

In order to sell PPC services effectively, it’s important that you have knowledge of the ins and outs of your provider’s services. I’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of my PPC services and procedures to help you develop successful selling strategies.

Who is it for?

Agency owners who do not have the resources to deliver outstanding PPC results for their clients in-house.

My white label PPC services are designed to help agency owners who do not have the resources to deliver outstanding PPC results for their clients.

If you want to offer superior PPC services to your clients but don’t have the time, skills or staff to deliver them, you would benefit from my white label solution. I have a proven track record for reliable, flexible, and trusted service.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a “set & forget” solution, I’m probably not the right fit for you. I work closely with my clients to ensure their clients are receiving the best when it comes to PPC strategies. Communication and collaboration are key elements of my work ethics.













Whats included in my White label PPC management service?


  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Call tracking and recording setup
  • Fully test all tracking
  • Onboarding call for each new client
  • Your reporting dashboard setup

Account Build

  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Call tracking and recording setup
  • Fully test all tracking
  • Onboarding call for each new client
  • Your reporting dashboard setup

Account Management

  • 25 point weekly management checklist
  • Daily account monitoring
  • Bid optimizations
  • Negative keyword analysis
  • Device and time of day optimizations
  • Ad copy split testing


  • Call tracking included
  • Agency reporting dashboard
  • Client access to white label dashboard
  • Monthly reports
  • Regular review calls
  • Optional advanced reporting

My Business Process

How does communication work?

Between Monzurul Hasan and you

You’re main point of communication will be your monthly review call with Me.

Each month, you and I will have a review call. This is your main point of communication with me.

These calls will be structured to fall at a specific time each month, to best suit our schedules. Their focus will be to discuss performance, strategy and possible concerns. You’ll always know there is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your clients’ accounts prior to diving into our strategies.

In the event of an urgent issue needing discussed, I’m on hand via chat or email at least 14 hours per day to help you put out fires or to answer important questions.

Between you and your client

You’re white labelling our proven PPC service, not an end-to-end delivery that includes communication.

As a white label service, I’m not offering an end-to-end delivery that includes communication with your clients.

My proven PPC service provides you with all of the tools you need to deliver positive results for your clients. I advise you on the strategy and put the muscle behind it, but the client relationship is handled by you.

If you need help building a Best Practice Client Communication Plan, I can help you do that. Together, we’ll make sure your clients are happy, engaged and kept in the loop at all times.

My Working Process

I’ll discuss your client’s project, target audience, top competitors and campaign goals. I will then roll out a customized strategy unique to their business alone. After we all are feeling warm and fuzzy inside about the prospect of working together, we will accept payment and get to work either building out a new campaign or optimizing existing campaigns.

This is how I find out which keywords are winners and which are losers for your client. I can’t optimize a campaign and grow their ROI without this data! I’ll install the conversion code on your client’s website(s) and start raking in the information we need to build a successful campaign. I can also show your in-house team how to do this as well.

There’s not much point in doing anything else if your client’s Google Analytics isn’t set up properly. I’ll get it in order, wrap it up neat and tidy with a big bow and let you present it to your client.

This is one of the most exciting aspects of Google AdWords! Being able to deliver a campaign based on states, cities, counties, zip codes and more, means we can really zone in on your client’s target audience whether local, national, or international.

This isn’t just about keywords we want to go after, but also those we want to “negative out” so Google never shows your client’s ads for them. This comes in handy when terms are closely related but not specific to those we want to target. Think about health insurance, for example. We would want to weed out searches for “life insurance”, “medicare” and so on. This allows us to mitigate some of the overlap that can make search results messy.

Some of my clients have in-house designers on the payroll that I consult with (at no additional charge)  in regards to the design aspects of what I need for creating landing pages. Others have me build the landing pages from scratch. My landing page software of choice is Instapage, which allows us to create multiple versions of your landing page and then Instapage’s proprietary algorithm automatically A/B tests the different versions against each other. This means I can direct traffic to the highest converting page at all times.

When your client wants to know how many leads are coming from their campaign, I can deliver those figures by optimizing the campaign/landing page to drive phone calls and then track the calls through their Google AdWords campaigns. This shows how well a call-only ad is performing and how effectively ads with call or location extensions lead to phone calls. Conversion tracking is a great way to take advantage of multiple automation that helps target a campaign to achieve specific marketing goals.

The best marketing strategy is only as good as its copy! That’s why I make sure your client’s ads are well-written and implement SEO techniques that lead to higher-quality scores and incredible click-through rates. I know what works and what doesn’t, I put that knowledge to good use when I’m caring for the copywriting aspect of your client’s campaigns.

Client Testimonials

I deliver professional service with massive results. But don’t just take my word for it.

Monzurul did a fantastic job. He fully understands Google Ads and how to use direct response marketing (the most powerful form of marketing for a small business). Highly recommended. We’ll definitely be using him continuously

David Cruz

Marketing Manager, Pacific Rigging Loft

“Monzurul’s audit of our PPC was fast, efficient, and succinct. He is an absolute dream to work with and has gone above and beyond to get our campaign set up. Will continue to work with him going forward. Thanks, Monzurul!”

Jay Hess

Owner, Hess Hypnosis

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