White Label Ppc Services

My White Label PPC Services are designed to be uncomplicated and discreet. You maintain the management of the clients while I take care of managing their ads with expert care and loyal attention

What Is White Label Ppc?

White Labelling Ppc Means That You Are Using Another Ppc Service But Selling It To Your Clients As Your Own.
Not every agency has the tools or resources for purchasing expensive bidding and reporting tools needed for successful PPC services. That’s where white labelling PPC services for your clients come into play.

White labelling PPC means that you are using another PPC service provider to give your clients expert service in this area, but you are selling it as “your own”.

In order to sell PPC services effectively, it’s important that you have knowledge of the ins and outs of your provider’s services. I’ll make sure you have a clear understanding of my PPC services and procedures to help you develop successful selling strategies.

Who Is It For?

Agency Owners Who Do Not Have The Resources To Deliver Outstanding Ppc Results For Their Clients In-House.
My white label PPC services are designed to help agency owners who do not have the resources to deliver outstanding PPC results for their clients.

If you want to offer superior PPC services to your clients but don’t have the time, skills or staff to deliver them, you would benefit from my white label solution. I have a proven track record for reliable, flexible, and trusted service.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a “set & forget” solution, I’m probably not the right fit for you. I work closely with my clients to ensure their clients are receiving the best when it comes to PPC strategies. Communication and collaboration are key elements of my work ethics.

What’s Included In My White Label Ppc Management Service?


Account Build

Account Management


Our Approach to Doing White Label PPC Business

When you partner with Us, we take care of the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy more website traffic, leads, and revenue.

Initial Ppc

Choose Best-Suited
Ppc Plan

Onboarding & Welcome Call With Team

Campaign Development, Approval & Launch


Between Monzurul Hasan And You

Between Monzurul Hasan And You You’re Main Point Of Communication Will Be Your Monthly Review Call With Me
Each month, you and I will have a review call. This is your main point of communication with me.

These calls will be structured to fall at a specific time each month, to best suit our schedules. Their focus will be to discuss performance, strategy and possible concerns. You’ll always know there is an opportunity to ask questions and discuss your clients’ accounts prior to diving into our strategies.

In the event of an urgent issue needing discussed, I’m on hand via chat or email at least 14 hours per day to help you put out fires or to answer important questions.

Between You And Your Client

You’re White Labelling Our Proven Ppc Service, Not An End-To-End Delivery That Includes Communication.
As a white label service, I’m not offering an end-to-end delivery that includes communication with your clients.

My proven PPC service provides you with all of the tools you need to deliver positive results for your clients. I advise you on the strategy and put the muscle behind it, but the client relationship is handled by you.

If you need help building a Best Practice Client Communication Plan, I can help you do that. Together, we’ll make sure your clients are happy, engaged and kept in the loop at all times.

My Working Process

Precision Audience Targeting & Multiple Campaign Types

Whether segmented by gender, age group, interest category, geographical location or more, our clients don’t sell whatever it is they sell to everyone in the world. Chances are, neither do you.

Social media advertising enables us to show ads to the people who you know are in the market for the products and services you sell.

Age, Location & Gender

Relationship Status

Income / Net Worth

Fields of Study

Home Type

Hobbies & Activities

Business & Industry

Shopping Behavior

Online Spending Habits

Specific Page Likes

Previous Website Visits

Travel Methods

You’ve Found One Of The Best Google Ads Experts In The World.

I can help you set up new Google Ads accounts, improve your current campaigns, or provide one-on-one consultation and training to help you better understand the health of your keywords and ads. I am glad that you are checking this website, Please check it out and let me know if you have any questions or concern, I will be happy to help.

You’ll Love Your Roi, But You’ll Love Me Even More
(well, maybe not).

Our Adwords Campaign Management Tech

Some of the tools and technology we use to help our client’s Google
AdWords campaigns outperform their competition.

Our Ppc Management Secret Sauce

We’re pretty sure that we’re the best Google AdWords management company in the world. Here’s why.

Why Do Clients
Love Me?

Their Profits Increase

My Clients Achieve The Highest Roi They’ve Ever Seen In Their Businesses With Effective Google Ads And
Custom Landing Pages That Work.

They See Fast Growth

Success Comes With Quick Wins And Long-Term Strategies. I Help Clients Reach Their Goals With Solid Methods That Build A Profit-Rich Setting.

They Appreciate Expertise

I Grow My Clients’ Profitability With Deep Ppc Knowledge & Conversion-Focused Design. They See The Proof Within The First Few Days Of Working With Me.

We developed a great partnership with Monzurul and his team and their dedication to our digital ads campaign is evident in all aspects our business online. We appreciate their attention to details and creative approach to bringing our new exhibit to life online.
Bryan Mitchell
Founder Of Mitchell Solicitors

Video Testimonials

It’s more than just Business
We Exist To Positively Impact Our Client’s Businesses And Their
Future. Hear What Our Client’s Have To Say About Us.
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firm with offices in Brisbane City,
Moorooka, Aspley, and Sunshine
Bryan Mitchel realised his firm had the potential to
attract better cases, but also that he needed a
partner who could help him level up his marketing
strategy. Find out how Bryan Mitchel got more than
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers
to help you find the answers you’re looking for faster.

Many different factors determine the cost of online marketing. Every one of our clients is willing to spend a specific amount of money based on how many areas they are servicing. It really depends on how many leads you want to receive in a month and how competitive is your local area.

Yes! There are many ways to generate leads for your business. We all love free. Our favorite free method to generate leads is to create and optimize your Google My Business account. You’ll be able to get reviews, and reviews help you get more customers when prospects are searching for your business. Having a Google My Business profile seriously enhances your overall marketing efforts.

It’s simple. All you have to do is click the button to schedule a call with us. You’ll be asked to fill out an application, so we get to know you and your business before our call. On the call, we’ll be able to help you immediately if you answer the questions honestly.

There are no contracts. You’re not tied down. If you’re not happy, there are no strings attached. Obviously, we’ll do everything in our power to make sure you are getting the exact customers you want for your business. If for whatever reason, you’re unhappy, we request a 30-day notice before either putting your account on pause or canceling altogether.

Again, this is on a “per case” basis. If you only have $1,000 to spend, you could easily go through $1,000 in a day if you don’t know what you’re doing. If we’re managing your Google Ads for you, we set daily limits based on how many leads you want to get each month.

We wish we could give you a guaranteed number of leads per day, but it all depends on how many people are searching for your service in your targeted area daily. We aim to get you to pop up for as many searches as possible, so you’re the first company they call. The number of leads per day also depends on how much money you spend each month on ads. We like budgets.

The custom rental website will be given to our clients. If you become our client, we’ll gift you the site 100% free of charge. If you just want the website, we can build it for you, but it’s cheaper for you just to hire us to run your Google Ads.

Yes! We’re amazing at managing any of the popular social platforms like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, and more. However, what we love MOST is Google Ads. We’re the leading experts in generating leads using Google Ads.

Refreshing Your Brand And Paving The Way For New Business Ventures

Get your digital marketing plan, tailored made for your
business. Share your story, vision and goals and let us do
the rest.
Monzurul Hasan
Marketing team leader