Google Ads: How You’ll Share Your Account Access to a Manager Account

1) Please log in to your Google Ads account click on the gear icon “Tools & Setting” on the right-hand corner; It will expand the tools and settings menu. 2) and then click on “Account Access”.

Google Ads Account Access Sharing Screenshot one

3) Now click on “Managers” and you will see the invitation to link your Google Ads account with the Google Ads manager account; the name of my manager account is “”

4) Then in the “Actions” column on the right-hand side, you have the option to accept or reject the invitation. Please accept the link request to get started. I promise I will never do any unauthorized changes to your Google Ads account.

Image of Linking Google Ads Account and Manager Account


Manager Account FAQ:

  1. Is there any way, I will be notified when a manager account sends me a link request? Yes, you will be notified on your email and you’ll be able to accept the link request from there.
  2. How to cancel the account linking? You can remove the manager account access any time you want. Just go the same place, you will be able to remove the access using a single click.