Reduced CPA by 200% and increased leads by 60%


Reduced Cost Per Lead


Increase in Website Conversion Rate


Leads increased in one year


Improved Cost Per New Client

“Thank you so much for your effort! I think our ad campaign is performing exceptionally well, and our calls and emails are flooding in. I have referred a few others to you guys that have needed law firm advertising and website work generally. Our company wouldn’t be what it is without guys. Keep up the excellent work!”

Bryan Mitchell | Mitchells Solicitor

Overview The Goals

  • Reach out to more potential people who are looking for a family lawyer.
  • Maximize Conversions to meet or exceed the industry average of 15%.
  • Get everything measurable ( effectiveness of all traffic channel)

The Approach

  • Created a new CRO optimized landing page.
  • Created a new campaign using Mix SKAGs strategy.
  • Set up conversion tracking (we track everything)

Action Steps

As with all new clients, the first step was to research the client’s industry to explore various opportunities to advertise their business online. I saw that Google Ads was going to be the best choice for this client, and we began developing a strategy. After comparing how much they could budget (new client acquisition cost) with the price of clicks and potential conversion rates, it was apparent that a dedicated Pay-per-click (PPC) campaign was worthwhile.

The next step in the process was to continue researching the market to learn about the competition’s use of keywords, users’ search habits, and how they used search engines in the local area. Armed with this information, I was able to identify the best way to advertise the client’s services for this particular campaign.

Next, it was time to follow the golden rule of marketing campaigns: “Never start a marketing campaign without a dedicated landing page.” The landing page was created to match the relevant search for maximizing the Conversion Rate (CR) of all incoming visitors. I performed A/B testing on the ads and the landing page to continually improve the CR of the campaign.


In just one month, my client saw terrific results!

  • Conversion Rate of 30-36%
  • An 85% increase in quality leads

With dedicated attention to research and testing, plus the implementation of good marketing practices, I was able to help My German University to reach targets far beyond their expectations. The positive results led them to explore what other avenues of digital marketing I could help them with, and they are continuing to see exciting results as their business grows.